About As-Salaam

As-Salaam is situated on a hilltop in the midst of a rural settlement adjacent to Braemar, 90km from Durban and on the South Cost of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. In contrast to urban centres the inhabitants in the area lives as a simple way of life. There is limited piped water, no electricity or roads to serve them there is little hope of change in their materials conditions for the foreseeable future.

South Africa is a country of extremes of wealth and property, learning and ignorance, morality and deprivation, love and prejudice. As-Salaam has taken a position to bridge these extremes, as-Salaam is working to replace ignorance with knowledge through a mentoring, educational and training program and in the process help people break out of the cycle of poverty and ignorance so that they are enabled to emerge as significant role players in the new South Africa.

The educational process is directed and driven by an ethical code which moves people upward from the depths of deprivation to an ethically upright, productive and positively guided and constructive community. As-Salaam is proud to be South African and proud that they are building a better future together with the communities that they serve.