Unisa Studies

Unisa Studies

Due to our desire to produce leaders in various fields our students enrol with UNISA to study in the field of their choice. Career guidance and counselling is our Major focus in order for the students to make informed study choices. Today we have more than fifteen students studying with UNISA in different courses such as BCom Marketing, LLB, Bed, Creative writing, Communications Science, BCom Accounting and Human Resources etc. This has been possible by SANZAF bursary fund.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Our minimum entry requirement is matric certificate or GCE students from neighbouring countries. This enables the students to be enrolled with UNISA. We prepare our students as much as we can to the right career path. We work towards giving them skills and getting employment and give Daawah in different fields in order to bring peace, prosperity and harmony to all communities and to inculcate moral value.

Other Activities

One of the main objectives of this program is to train youth that will take Islam to the people our students are trained to become have a Dawah unit since we are surrounded by a lot of non-Muslim, we do have hospital visit and Dawah workshop in areas like Umlazi, umzito, Highflats, lxopo and Dumisa, our students are taught to volunteer to work in communities, They were recently involved in clinic day in Umlazi and Career day.


We have numerous workshops throughout the year. Our students have been to Shonweni and Oribi gorge for team building exercises as part of leadership training. We also had workshop recently our students participated at a shariah compliant business campaign hosted by Darul Ihsan Iftar Camperdown. We also had a daawah methodology workshop by Br Fadel Sulaiman of bridges foundation hosted by IPCI.

Our Graduates

To date we have in graduate from our program, most of our graduates are still enrolled a UNISA furthering their studies of their choice and some working part and full time. We always keep in touch with our students monitoring their progress and giving them assistants and support where we can. We recently had reunion of all our former student and this will be annual events.