Skills Training

History Of Skills Training

Skills training were introduced at As-Salaam in the mid nineteen nineties to cater for Islamic Foundation Couse students and unemployed persons in the vicinity of the school in Braemar.

The main objective of the training was to promote employment or self-employment among fellow citizens. In the early year the training was confined alliance repair, woodwork computer practice, sewing, baking and welding. In 2004 and 2005 the school ran a highly successful learn ship and skills program in furniture making, with the arrival of the new millennium. As-Salaam formed a partnership with costal collage and offered national certificate course u to N6 level until the end of 2015 when the partnership was terminated by natural consent.  The school is satisfied that it has made a difference to the lives of many of its former students.

Recent Skills Training Courses

In 2016 the school focused on skills training in bricklaying, carpentry, welding, demotic wiring and baking. The average duration of these courses is 60 hours, and they are not accredited. They are targeted at unemployment persons and are offered free of charge. The courses refer the learners to be employed as assistants to craftsman. At resent most learners who attend these courses are from distant areas and their man challenge is the transport cost to the school. The courses also open door for learners, when they are sufficiently skilled, to undergo “Recognition of prior learning” and ultimately as artisan in the trade. The school is also planning to establish a new computer laboratory.

As-Salaam Cares And Offers Support

  1. We supply water to as school, a collage and neighbouring community.
    Disaster relief, in the form of building material, labour and food hampers is offered when there is a fire or flooding Kad kids.
  2. Crèche for 23-4 year olds ensure learning starts as early as possible.
  3. Unemployed local are assisted with skills training to enable them to find jobs.
  4. Teachers training bursaries are offered to matriculates who eventually offer their services as educators at the local school, local collage or other state school.
  5. By partnering with IMA we are able to access basic health care for our learners from the local clinic.
  6. Saturday classes: week-end classes are designed to raise the standard of math and English in our school.
  7. Empowering parents: regular session with our parents is designed to empower them in the parenting, health care, nutrition, safety and career planning.
  8. Spiritual upliftment: regular Salah, fasting and Tarbiyah programme take care of the spiritual needs of our learners, educators and parents. Additionally we have Daawah 101 and Islam 101 every year.
  9. Meals: daily breakfast for infants and light meal for all learners provided.
    Boarding: at least 100 boarders are offered the advantages of studying without the bother of house hold chores and transport costs.
  10. IT skills: young learners are exposed to computers from grade 1.
    Career guidance is offered to all our senior leaners so that they can make an informed choice.