Islamic Leadership Programme

Islamic Leadership Programme: Reform – Improve – Perfect

The Islamic Leadership Programme was established in 2003 to train and develop leaders who will grow a strong believe unity selflessness honesty integrity and tolerance they will go back to the communities and serve their people there is a lack of effective and much needed leadership in our communities our communities are widest affected by problems such as HIV/ADS crime domestic violence. Xenophobia racism child and spouse abuse and drug addiction this was a vision of WAMY &  As Salaam who come up with this holistic approach to address these Issues.

World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY ) went into partnership with As~Salaam Education Institute and later SANZAF joined the partnership • The program has produced 150 graduates thus far• These graduates are serving in their respective communities • Since this course was established the course has been growing from strength to strength Members of the public come forward from time to time with suggestions and ideas to develop the course in order to make the program more suitable for young ambitious minds that can play a meaningful leadership role within communities.


To develop and produce practicing Muslim youth who will assume leadership role in different fields in the contemporary world.

Aims and Objectives of the Programme

  • Develop program to incorporate spiritual and intellectual programs
  • Promoting and enjoining of good and prevention of evil in society by inculcating and manifesting sound moral values
  • Building relationship of mutual respect and trust with local communities and participating in their upliftmet
  • Working in cooperation with others that have similar goals